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We help businesses improve brand visibility through SEO and organic growth. Rising to the top of industry-specific search terms allows you to shine amongst competitors. What separates Mile High Content from other digital marketing agencies? We cut the fat and focus on increasing qualified leads rather than wasteful spending and insignificant keywords. By capturing a larger market share of organic traffic, we guarantee your business long-term success, even in competitive industries.

Organic Traffic Qualified Leads


Search Engine Optimization is a highly detailed and technical process requiring digital expertise. Our marketers have over two decades of technical SEO experience under their belt. At Mile High Content, a Denver-based SEO agency, we follow a rigorous six-step process and best practices to ensure your business climbs to the top of major search engines such as Google and Bing. 


Investigative Audit

By delving deep into your SEO performance, we can identify technical improvements, areas of opportunity, competitive insights, and your site’s ranking potential. Equally as important, we want to know your current strengths so any future changes don’t impact current performance.


Create a Plan of Attack

Now that we’ve fully audited your SEO and website, it’s time to build a blueprint for success. Our team creates a clear and comprehensive strategy that includes key performance indicators (KPIs), keyword and content strategies, link-building opportunities, and engagement metrics. 


On-Site Technical SEO

First things first, we need to fix what’s wrong. Effective SEO requires ensuring your vehicle (website) runs fast, and the engine works properly. We guarantee your on-site SEO is swimming by optimizing page experience for both search engine bots and users. 


Content Strategy

Every piece of content should serve a purpose on your website. Telling your brand story and creating a compelling narrative drives meaningful interactions and conversions while also hitting the right keywords. Utilizing writing, photos, videos, and visual elements breaks up text and instills trust in your audience.



Building high-quality links is the most challenging part of SEO. Fortunately, we have thousands of websites across dozens of industries that we partner with to promote each other’s content. A few authoritative links can tremendously impact your SEO, especially if they are from local sources.



By providing monthly detailed reports highlighting key metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversion rates, and competitive metrics, we showcase the impact of our work. This process demonstrates accountability, builds trust, and effectively communicates SEO insights. 


301 Redirects

The primary role of a 301 direct is to ensure a website visitor reaches the correct page even if they attempted to access another page initially. In technical terms, a 301 direct creates a permanent redirect from one site to another. Such occurrences are ideal when there is a broken link (404 error page), a canonical or duplicate page, updating from HTTP to HTTPS, or transferring content to a new domain. 

Alt Image Text

Alt image text is crucial in web accessibility and search engine optimization. Search engine bots rely on alt-image text to understand the content of an image since they cannot see the image like humans do. Most open-source website software allows for easy alt image tagging, automatically placed in the HTML code.  

Authority Score

A Domain Authority Score is a metric to determine your website’s overall online presence, credibility, and authority. Knowing your Domain Authority Score is crucial because it grades your website compared to industry competitors, allowing insights into how you can achieve SERP rankings for desired keywords. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the higher your Domain Authority Score will likely be. At Mile High Content, a  Denver Search Engine Optimization Company, we use SEO software such as MOZ and SEMRush to determine both Domain Authority and Page Authority scores. 

Backlink Audit and Evaluation

Regular backlink audits are essential for maintaining a strong online presence, boosting domain authority, improving SEO, and discovering new linking opportunities. There is much debate about whether you should submit a backlink disavow file to Google Search Console. At Mile High Content, a Denver-based search engine optimization agency, we recommend submitting a disavow file only if we uncover 100% harmful backlinks. 

Building Citations (Directories) – NAP Syndication

Citations is a synonym used in digital marketing for directories. Building citations is a critical aspect of local search. When creating citations, you benefit from having accurate and consistent NAP information (name, address, phone number, etc.). At Mile High Content, an SEO Agency in Denver, we have software designed to find all existing citations, enabling us to identify any NAP inaccuracies. Our software can also list your business on 1,400 major US directories, including authority, local, and niche directory websites. These efforts are valuable for boosting your local search (Google Maps).

Content Improvement Tools

When it comes to enhancing your SEO, utilizing sophisticated content improvement tools can make a significant difference. By analyzing a web page’s keywords, meta information, H-tags, alt-image text, and competitor data, these tools provide valuable insights and suggestions to help you update your existing content for better SERP results. Improving content also helps improve the quality score of your Google Ads and SEM campaigns

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A user-friendly design, consistent and clear message, and obvious call-to-actions increase the likelihood of website conversions (calls, form submissions, email inquiries, and purchases). Conversion rate optimization is critical to building trust and driving engagement with your audience. At Mile High Content, we use conversion tracking tools such as Google Tag Manager and heat maps. 

Backlinks or Inbound Links

Building high-value links from authoritative, local, and industry-specific websites helps SEO and increases SERP probability. Websites will naturally link to you by writing original and helpful content. However, we exercise other backlink, or inbound link, methods at Mile High Content, such as guest blogging, citation registration, establishing meaningful B2B relationships, and tapping into local networks. 

Fixing Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is a common issue that detriments many websites, decreasing search engine rankings and overall traffic. When multiple pages on a website target the same keyword and have similar content, search engines are confused about which page to rank for that particular query. By consolidating and 301 redirecting similar pages, you can fix keyword cannibalization and increase SERP probability. 

Google Search Console Audit

Google Search Console is a free tool for website owners and digital marketers that provides valuable insights into user experience. At Mile High Content, we continuously audit our client’s Google Search Console to identify issues such as slow page loading times, core vitals, manual actions, URL indexing, and penalties. 


H-tags, also known as header tags, play an essential role in search engine optimization by structuring and organizing website content. Search engines consider keywords in your H-Tags more significant than regular body text. H-Tags also enhance readability by breaking up long text sections and adding subheaders. At Mile High Content, we ensure every page of your website has well-researched H-tags, including keywords different from the title tag (title tag modifiers).

Internal Linking Structure

An internal link is a hyperlink pointing from one page to another on the same domain. A logically interconnected web guides visitors throughout your site architecture while assisting search engines to crawl key pages of content, thus helping your SEO. At Mile High Content, internal linking is ongoing as more content is built on our client’s websites. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step and cornerstone of any successful SEO campaign, uncovering valuable insights into the target market and competition. At Mile High Content, we use a keyword matrix to find low-hanging keywords to speed up organic results for our clients. We also incorporate clever tactics such as keyword reverse engineering, short-tail and long-tail queries, and question keywords. 

Meta Information

The meta title and description serve as the first impression of your webpage, making it essential for website visitors who find you on search results pages and search engine bots. Crafting compelling meta-information latent with well-researched keywords increases your chances of SEO results, boosting organic visibility and attracting relevant customers. A set limit of characters is recommended for the meta title and description. 

Outbound Links

Outbound links are links from your website to another site. Incorporating outbound links to studies, quotes, and statistics lends credibility to your content. Providing helpful content to your website visitors provides valuable information and makes you trustworthy. 

Building Reviews – Reputation Management

Building a strong online reputation is crucial for businesses in today’s competitive digital landscape. Reviews play a significant role in attracting potential customers and building trust while adhering to Google’s local search algorithm and ranking your business higher on map packs. It is also critical how you respond to both negative and positive reviews. At Mile High Content, we even recommend that our clients install a plugin to display Google reviews on their website to build trust. 


A Robots.txt file is a file placed in the root directory of a website that instructs search engine crawlers on how to interact with the site’s content. Per Google, if your webpage is blocked with a robots.txt file, its URL can still appear in search results, but the search result will not have a description. 

Site Map Submission

A site map is a blueprint of all your website pages, creating proper navigation for major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Your site map must be organized with the appropriate folders and filing to ensure your site organization and hierarchy are legible. At Mile High Content, we ensure your site map is organized correctly and submitted to Google Search Console. Our advanced reporting also checks how frequently Google reads your site map monthly. 

Site Speed Monitoring 

Fast loading times are crucial for the success of any website, increasing conversion rates, user experience, and search engine rankings. On the contrary, a slow site speed increases the bounce rate and frustrates website visitors, negatively impacting conversions. At Mile High Content, our development team specializes in quick loading speeds. If you are already working with a developer, we will instruct them on site speed recommendations. 

SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

The primary function of an SSL certificate is to encrypt data transmission between a user’s browser and the web server, ensuring any exchanged information remains confidential and secure. In addition, website visitors consider websites without an SSL certificate untrustworthy, decreasing conversions and brand reputation. 

URL Structure

Ensuring your URL structure is SEO-friendly is vital for your site map, user experience, and link shareability. When search engines crawl your website, one of the first things they look at is the page URL to determine the topic and keywords. Digital marketers often overlook URL structure. At Mile High Content, we evaluate the URL structure of every website page and perform the necessary 301 redirects if a page requires a new URL. 

Website Health Audit

When it comes to maintaining a successful online presence, conducting a regular website health audit is crucial. The comprehensive evaluation identifies technical issues, security vulnerabilities, user experience shortcomings, and quality content concerns. At Mile High Content, all our clients maintain over a 90% website health score per SEMRush. We run a website health audit monthly and make necessary changes that appear in the report. 




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