At Home Care Of Louisiana

Mile High Content proudly calls At Home Care of Louisiana a longstanding client and friend. We have worked with husband and wife owners Brandon and Chantel Ratcliff since 2022, shortly after they opened their home care agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Caring for seniors is a true passion for the Ratcliffs, and our digital marketing expertise has been instrumental in helping them reach more elderly individuals and families.


At Home Care of Louisiana is a recurring client on one of our monthly digital marketing packages. Our primary digital marketing responsibilities include website health, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, local search, blogging and writing, and graphic design. We also traveled to Baton Rouge in 2023 for a photo shoot with Brandon, Chantel, and their team of caregivers. The photo shoot was multi-purposed: to place branded content on their website, add over 50+ Google business photos, create stunning banner ads, and add branded photos to Google Ads. 


One of our main goals when onboarding At Home Care of Louisiana was to grow their organic reach to the senior market in Baton Rouge. In our first year, we effectively identified keywords pertaining to senior healthcare, such as home care, senior care, elderly caregivers, etc. Within two years, we have successfully grown their keyword portfolio by over 500% and organic traffic by 300%, inserting these keywords into the website content, meta information, h-tags, and other on-page and off-page SEO components. See the two charts below:

Below is a 16-month snapshot from Google Search Console showing organic growth correlating to the keyword performance increase above.



Placing At Home Care of Louisiana at the forefront of local search by securing brand reputation was, and remains to be, a primary goal. Before working with Mile High Content, they only had seven reviews. Today, At Home Care has 38 reviews, helping to build authority and credibility in Baton Rouge’s growing senior healthcare industry. We also utilized our local search software to list accurate NAP (name, address, phone number) info on over 150 major US directories, adhering to Google’s citation guidelines. Here is a snapshot of their Google Business profile, standing out with a 4.9-star rating. 


One accomplishment we are particularly proud of is creating and optimizing At Home Care’s Google Ads account, achieving a 19% conversion rate, equating to 2,000+ conversions in just over two years. We also have successfully gained ad visibility on Google search results 29% of the time in the Absolute Top Impression.



Lastly, below are several banner ad examples we created for At Home Care of Louisiana. These are internal banners designed to be placed on blogs and other website pages to drive traffic back to the Contact Us page.