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With over 15 years of Google Advertising experience, we help local businesses reach their target audience through strategic search engine marketing (SEM). There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing, and your brand deserves a tailored advertising solution. At Mile High Content, a Denver-based PPC agency, we take the time to understand your short and long-term goals to drive online revenue. 

Data-driven decisions combined with intimately knowing our clients allow us to identify growth opportunities, predict customer behavior, track performance in real time, and analyze trends and patterns. Personal touch, cutting-edge solutions, and unyielding dedication make our Google Ads experts superior!

Google Ads Campaign Types

Turning rapid results into profit

Are you a local business wanting to reach more customers? Organic traffic can take months to yield results, especially in competitive and saturated industries. Digital advertising immediately places your brand at the top of search engines and high-traffic channels, turning rapid results into profit. Search engine marketing is your best friend if you are looking for a rapid influx of calls, form submissions, and qualified leads. 

Are you wasting your advertising dollars?

Mile High Content can help you understand the law of diminishing returns to find your budget
sweet spot!


We recommend the following campaign types for local businesses wanting to increase brand awareness, increase qualified leads, and grow their business.

Search Campaigns

Search campaigns are designed to reach website users who are actively searching for keywords on Google, Bing (Microsoft network), and other major search engines. Effective search advertising campaigns require strategic planning, keyword research, compelling ad copy, landing page optimization, and continuous monitoring.

Display Campaigns

Display campaigns are a type of digital advertising that includes text, images, or video. Contrary to search ads, which are primarily text-based, display ads are visual-based and appear on websites and apps. Whether a banner ad at the top of a website or an interactive video ad within a mobile app, display ads offer businesses a way to promote brand awareness.

Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max doesn’t just cover one network, such as search or shopping. On the contrary, Performance Max pushes your ads to all of Google’s available networks, including YouTube, Google Maps, search, display, shopping, and Gmail. P-Max campaigns offer many more variations of where your ads are shown, essentially covering your bases.

Local Service Ads (LSA)

Local Service Ads (LSAs) are a game changer for service professionals, such as plumbers. HVAC technicians, electricians, etc. These automatically generate ads that appear at the top of search results, increasing the likelihood of lead generation. One primary benefit of LSAs is that you only pay per lead, meaning you are not wasting money on clicks that don’t convert.

Choose a Package or Get A Custom Quote

These are several examples of standard digital advertising packages from which you can choose. If you would like a custom quote, please contact us today. We also have comprehensive bundled packages, including SEM, SEO, local search, content creation, development, and site health management.

We also have comprehensive bundled packages, including SEM, SEO, local search, content creation, development, and site health management.


No Long-Term Contracts

Compared to most digital advertising agencies, our clients have monthly contracts, providing peace of mind that you are not locked into a long, unbreakable financial commitment.

Quick Set Up

We understand you are eager to start advertising and get the phone ringing. Our setup process is quick, easy, and thorough without cutting corners.

Personal Touch

Mile High Content is unique because we have the industry expertise of a big agency but only work with a finite amount of clients, providing the personalized touch you deserve!


Effective communication is crucial for building strong relationships, translating work performed, and displaying our expertise and dedication to your digital advertising.



In a competitive digital landscape, strategic A/B testing, or split testing, is not just an option – it’s a necessity. It lets you fine-tune your campaigns for maximum impact and achieve better results. At Mile High Content, a Denver PPC Agency, we A/B test ad copy and landing pages to maximize ROI.

Search engine marketing features

Ad Copy


The art of creating digital ads follows the rule of three C’s: clear, concise, and compelling. To create ads that stand out and drive results, we pay attention to critical elements such as compelling headlines, enticing descriptions, strong call-to-actions, clear value propositions, and appealing incentives. Expertly crafted ads also improve your quality score, improving relevancy for your keywords. Google and Bing prefer to show ads with a higher quality score more frequently.



Keyword research is the cornerstone of any successful Google Ads campaign. By understanding the intricacies of match types, negatives, and high-value keywords, you can create targeted ads that reach your audience effectively. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s crucial to delve deep into consumer trends and seasonality, uncover hidden keyword opportunities, and capitalize on emerging market demands. It’s important to remember, the right keywords reach the correct audience.

Conversion Tracking


Implementing conversion tracking in Google Ads is essential for maximizing ROI and ensuring your advertising efforts drive the desired outcomes. By monitoring actions such as telephone calls, form submissions, and purchases, you can gain valuable insights into what is working and needs improvement. Furthermore, you cannot run conversion bidding strategies (Maximize Conversions, Conversion Value, Target CPA, or Target ROA) without setting up conversion tracking through Google Tag Manager.

Extensions & Links


By utilizing various assets, formerly known as extensions, within your Google Ads campaigns, you can create more engaging and visually appealing advertisements that capture the attention of potential customers. Assets include promotions, prices, videos, images, locations, telephone numbers, forms, etc. At Mile High Content, we handcraft your assets and enable automatically created assets to maximize effectiveness and drive results.

Optimization Score


The grade Google and Bing give your ad campaign setup is an optimization score. Paying attention to your Optimization Score ensures you get the most out of your advertising efforts. It provides valuable insights and recommendations that can significantly improve your campaign performance. We are proactive in monitoring your optimization score to stay ahead of the competition and acheive your marketing goals. 



Incorporating keyword negatives is a simple yet effective strategy that can significantly impact the success of your online advertising efforts. We carefully analyze and optimize your monthly keyword lists at Mile High Content, a Google Ads Marketing Agency. Ultimately, keyword negatives save you money by preventing clicks from irrelevant traffic, improving your ads, increasing conversion rates, and driving better results for your business.

Audience & Targeting


Custom audiences and targeting in Google Ads are crucial for reaching the right people with your message. By creating segments based on specific interests, demographics, and behaviors, you can tailor your ads to resonate with different groups of people. This targeted approach improves the efficiency of your ad campaigns and maximizes your return on investment. At Mile High Content, a Denver PPC Agency, we also utilize audience retargeting. 

Reporting & Analytics


A well-optimized landing page enhances the user experience and improves your quality score by aligning content with your ad campaigns. At Mile High Content, we focus on clear messaging, easy call-to-actions, fast page loading speed, and brand consistency to improve landing pages. In the competitive online landscape, having a well-optimized landing page can make all the difference in converting visitors into customers.


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