Peristyle Beau West

The Peristyle Beau West is a senior living community providing assisted living and memory care in Mandeville, Louisiana, just outside New Orleans. We have provided digital marketing services to Peristyle Beau West since 2022 and work directly with owners Sean Arrillaga and Jason Hemel. 


Mile High Content manages Peristyle Beau West’s entire digital experience (except for social media), including search engine optimization, local search, Google ads, site health management, and content. 

Rebuild Website For Improved Design and User Experience

In September 2023, we redesigned and developed Peristyle Beau West’s website to improve conversion optimization and user experience. Here is a link to their brand-new website

Increase Organic Traffic

Upon launching the new website in Q3, we saw an immediate spike in organic traffic due to SEO optimization and higher on-page user statistics such as time-on-page, pages per session, bounce rate, etc. Here is a screenshot of organic traffic over the past two years. Please notice the spike in organic traffic in Q3 of 2023.

Increase Google Ads Conversions

We have seen over 500% increase in Google Ads conversions since taking over the digital marketing for Beau West. A conversion is considered a telephone call, form submission, or email yielded from a search ad on Google. Below is a screenshot of Google Ad conversions since we started working with Beau West in January 2022.

Increase Telephone Calls on Google Business and Major US Directories 

Google Business and other major US directories, such as Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Merchant Circle, etc., play a significant role in search for local businesses. One of our proudest accomplishments is increasing telephone calls from these directories on Beau West’s dedicated call tracking line. We have set up call tracking numbers for their website, Google Ads, and directories, allowing us to distinguish call origins and campaign effectiveness. Below is a screenshot of the call tracking line for Google Business and online directories since January 2022: 


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