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Why We Find JNF’s Work Impactful and Inspiring

At Mile High Content, supporting organizations that align with our belief in a better future for all is paramount. Jewish National Fund (JNF) shares our opinion that a better Israel means a better future for all faiths. Impressively, JNF has over 100 programs to help drive meaningful change and positive impact throughout Israel. Several programs we love include clean water initiatives, handicap technology, medicinal research and development, and the culinary arts.  We support JNF because JNF invests in lasting transformations. 

In-Kind Services With JNF

Alexander Milzer, owner and CEO of Mile High Content, sat on the JNF Future Denver Chapter from 2016 – 2021. Alexander became Vice Chair in 2017 under Aaron Taylor’s leadership. In September of 2018, Alexander was appointed Chair and remained until 2021. During his time with JNF, Alexander fondly recounts, “I couldn’t have asked for a better board, professional staff, and community to help grow JNF for young professionals in the Mile High City,” Currently, Mile High Content is a corporate sponsor of JNF and looks forward to a bright and rewarding future together.

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