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Why We Support Blue Star Recyclers

We met Jonathan Sabar at a recent Denver Chamber of Commerce event. It was our first-speed networking event, and we were lucky enough to speak with Jonathan personally as we musical chairs around the room. Jonathan’s passion for Blue Star Recyclers was apparent and captivating within two minutes, especially when he spoke about his autistic son. “My son, Ian, and his coworkers at Blue Star can come home from work in the afternoons knowing they spent their day doing something that they’re truly good at and something that the world desperately needs. Meaningful work matters.”

Blue Star Recyclers is an environmentally friendly local business specializing in electronic waste. Their services include disassembling computers, laptops, TVs, monitors, printers, stereos, phones, microwaves, and gaming devices. Also, Blue Star Recyclers is e-Stewards certified for ethical electronics recycling and NAID AAA certified for secure data destruction. We love that they recycle in an eco-friendly manner and scrap hazardous materials. 

Blue Star Recyclers has a heartwarming background of how the company was founded. The backbone of their mission is to create job opportunities for adults with disabilities and on the autism spectrum. Blue Star Recyclers now employs over 31 people with autism and other disabilities and recycles over 10,000 tons of electronic waste annually. 

Jonathan also expressed his admiration for the management and culture at Blue Star.  “When Bill [Morris] started Blue Star in 2009, he quickly proved that the people he was hiring performed better than their peers in the recycling industry when placed in the proper role. These employees who have been previously labeled as “disabled” outperformed their expectations and proved excellence and personal credibility—performing meaningful work and giving these people the opportunity led to Blue Star’s success.”

At Mile High Content, we feel honored to support our local Denver community. We love working with large non-profit organizations such as The Denver Chamber of Commerce; however, supporting fellow members and local businesses is a privilege. Please contact Mile High Content to tell us about your charity and community work.

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