What Are Brand Guidelines and Why Do They Matter?


Can you imagine Nike without the swoosh or McDonalds without the golden arches? A well-defined set of rules and standards on how your company visually looks across all touchpoints is crucial for brand integrity and recognition. These rules are called brand guidelines and are essential for consistency in today’s crowded marketplace.  The following article will […]

How To Utilize Google Ads Settings to Minimize Wasteful Clicks and Unwanted Traffic

Minimize Wasteful Spending and Clicks in Google Ads

The old saying goes, “A dollar saved is a dollar earned.” For local business owners trying to grow their brand and increase sales, there is nothing more frustrating than spending valuable advertising dollars on low-quality or spammy clicks. But did you know you can significantly reduce wasteful spending on unwanted traffic by utilizing Google Ads […]

Google Algorithm: Citations & Directories For Local Search

Citations Boost Local Search

This article aims to enlighten you on the importance of business citations, also known as directories, to improve rankings on Google Maps (local search). We will explore a variety of factors about citations and explain how each directly contributes to better results for your local search ranking on impactful and high-earning keywords. Hopefully, the explanations […]

Competitive Market Research Tips for Digital Marketing

How To Gain Competitor Insights

Competitive research is the process of gathering and analyzing information on industry rivals. Competitive research can be conducted on specific companies or an entire industry, both advantageous in their own right. Furthermore, by intimately knowing your competition, you can more effectively identify new opportunities, monitor potential threats, and capitalize on market trends. It is beneficial […]

Why Traffic Channels Matter In Digital Marketing

Why Traffic Channels Matter

TABLE OF CONTENTS Increasing traffic to your website is fundamental to creating a successful digital marketing strategy. Businesses with higher traffic tend to outperform competitors with fewer visitors by gaining more leads and building greater brand awareness. The dilemma is that web visitors are not created equal, meaning only a portion of website traffic is […]