Peristyle Residences

The personalized approach to residential assisted living has emerged as a unique and effective approach to senior care. Home-like environments promote a sense of familiarity for the resident, as opposed to larger facilities. Trained caregivers are available 24/7 to ensure seniors feel safe, respected, and supported. 

Peristyle Residences has eight group senior living homes in Greater New Orleans. Mile High Content has been honored to work with Sean Arrillage and Jason Hemel, Co-Owners, since 2021. Upon learning about the benefits of residential assisted living, our primary goal has been singularly focused: help Peristyle Residences achieve growth in the New Orleans senior healthcare industry. We are invested in delivering the highest quality solutions to their digital marketing needs. 

Dedicated Call Tracking

Call tracking is essential for businesses to optimize marketing strategies and improve conversion rates. Mile High Content placed call tracking lines on each of their eight Google Business profiles corresponding to each residential care home. We also put a call tracking line on their Google Ads and website. By utilizing dedicated call tracking lines, we provided Peristyle Residences with valuable analytics on customer interactions, assisting in data-driven decisions to enhance their marketing efforts.

Track and Increase Google Ad Conversions

In today’s competitive digital landscape, Google Ads are crucial in helping businesses stand out in search results and drive valuable website traffic. Before working with Mile High Content, Peristyle Residences ran smart campaigns rather than a custom-built Google Ad strategy, granting Google full control over their budget, keywords, extensions, etc. They also didn’t have conversion tracking for Google Ads and Analytics, thus negatively impacting Google’s machine learning and reducing potential telephone calls and form submissions. 

Mile High Content optimized Peristyle’s SEM by setting up conversion tracking, building custom campaigns, and optimizing website content to improve ad rank. Consequently, Peristyle has earned considerable market share in impressions and clicks on Google for high-yielding keywords such as assisted living, memory care, senior care, etc.

Maximize ROI And Eliminate Wasteful Spending 

To maximize return on investment, it is crucial to eliminate wasteful spending and allocate resources to high-impact initiatives. When onboarding Peristyle Residences, we analyzed each traffic channel to identify high-earners and underperformers. Our findings confirmed what we already assumed: social media advertising was fantastic for branding but yielded low conversions, such as telephone calls, form submissions, and emails. Consequently, we significantly reduced the social media advertising budget and reallocated funds toward traffic channels that yielded the highest returns.

Thank You, Sean, Jason, and the Peristyle Team

On behalf of Mile High Content, we want to express genuine gratitude and thanks to Sean Arrillaga, Jason Hemel, and the entire Peristyle Residences team. We hope to continue to enhance Peristyle’s online visibility, grow its digital footprint, and ensure long-term success in the evergrowing senior healthcare industry. 

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